Growing a diverse and compassionate healthcare workforce in Southern Arizona.


The Southern Arizona AAHEC at El Rio Health (SAAHEC) is committed to serving Cochise, Pima, and Santa Cruz counties. We are one of six regional Arizona Area Health Education Centers (AzAHEC) focused on developing integrated, sustainable health professions workforce education and pipeline programs throughout the state. Through education and community partnerships, SAAHEC links educational resources with healthcare delivery systems through the following core programs: 1) Pathways to Health Careers (k-12); Clinical Rotations Placement (college & graduate), and Continuing Education/Professional Development. 

Pathways to Health Careers

SAAHEC supports and facilitates programs that cultivates interest and inspires students from underrepresented minority populations and rural communities to pursue careers in primary health care.

Clinical Rotations

SAAHEC provides and coordinates opportunities for college and graduate students to train and serve in rural and medically underserved and under resourced urban communities.

Continuing Education

Through administrative support, program development, and sponsorship, SAAHEC supports, strengthens, and increases access to continuing education opportunities to enhance quality of care and the retention of health professionals caring for medically underserved and under resourced communities.